सोलह दिसंबर: मैं हूं निर्भया - तड़पती रूह बिलखती आत्मा

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16 दिसम्बर 2012 की उस घटना के बाद आप लोगों ने मुझे यह नाम निर्भया दिया था। याद है न? कैसे भूलेंगे आप । आपके घर के आंगन में भी निर्भया खेल रही होगी। उसे देखकर, आज के दिन आपको सहसा हि हमारी याद आती होगी। ...

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The Horror of Midnight

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Walking past the crowd,

Holding her mother’s saree,

She was feeling the safest in the city.


The night grew dark,

The moon glowed loud,

The fear becomes subtle,

The rain became light.


She boarded the bus,

Aghast the fears of irony,

The brooding efforts of mankind,

She boarded the bus.


Clinching tight to her mom’s arm,


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Find your “MANZIL” !

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“Kaha bhage chala ja raha hai tu? Manzil toh teri piche reh gayi, kyu itti jaldi mai hai tu, hasti toh teri jalti reh gyi, udan toh tuhje khudke sapno ke deni thi, ye kiska bhoj liye daud raha hai tu, kaha bhage chala ja raha hai tu? “

“I will always do what I want to do and I won't go with the crowd.”- Georgia Salpa

Last night I was sitting in my balcony looking at the sky painted in different colors. It needed to be was thought-provoking, it p ...

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Daddy's Lil’ girl!

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“Pitah se hai naam tera, Pitah pehchaan teri, Jiye jis sahaare pe tu, Pitah se, woh saans mili, Hai pitah, rab tera” – Boss

I was born in a very dramatic way, it’s like I was enjoying in my mother’s womb and didn’t want to face the world. My father was strong-willed that her daughter is born on a specific day with the blessing of his spiritual guru. There I was lurking in the arms of the nurse when papa had come from his meditation. Tears rolled d ...

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Trip 101: Jaipur to Varanasi: Shambho ki nagri

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Travelling has made everyone soothe their soul. It is what makes it so special, it takes you to places you have never visited, makes you meet people you have never known and lets you breathe like never before. It is very important for everyone to travel once in your life to see the enchantments it creates in your soul.

I followed my extravagant journey too, with family because I went to ...

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