Bolo Radhe Radhe

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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard ShawMan, and Superman

How lost we would have been if there was the just food we eat at home. When we begin our journey we always look out for different restaurants where the food is eye-catching. I have always heard that we eat with our eyes before we taste the food. Whatever delights the eyes, charms the heart.

With the heart of the wanderlu ...

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Nanga khada bazar mai…

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“Nanga khada bazar mai, apni kismat pr roye, ek haath se sapne beche, dusre se khare manaye!”

How often do we feel that someone writes a line like this which has been in deliverance with the thought of emptiness? With the current situation in our country, I can think nothing but this. Our country has become a place where the caste plays the more important role than the education.

Let’s ask our heart what thoughts come to our mind when we hear the word &ls ...

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Haath mai chudiya phen lo!!

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“haath mai chudiya phen lo agr ye kaam ni kr sakte toh and ghr par baith jao” – how often do we hear our elders say this line to us maybe to show that our weakness has been defined by the bangles we were in our hands.

But have we ever realized that why do we say this line?

Why does it have to be exclaimed that the bangles wearing hands are the sign of sheer weakness?

Why do we always have to make the women look like a weaker sex in the battle of ...

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The Misogynist Outsource

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The Misogynist Outsource


“See rapes will happen, they are guys, they get excited, girls need to have themselves under control why can’t they be in their norms, “said by the society.

When I flip through the newspaper and news channel the rape or sexual exploitation has been the talk of the town. It’s like raping has become a new trend, desperate men all around, looking at woman like a meat t ...

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10 Books by Indian Authors which are must read

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10 Books by Indian Authors which are must read.

“Foreign authors are so nice, Indian should buckle up”. We hear this lot often about the Indian Authors, but it’s not true. Indian authors have given some extraordinary piece of work to the literature world which is beyond our imagination. We bring to you some amazing books are a good read if you are literature fan.

1.     ...

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