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Hello, everyone! I am Shreya Tiwari. Everybody is born with a talent of achieving the success in life. There is no formula and no shortcut. Everybody works hard with joint efforts and willpower. We all see dreams and plan to achieve them. Some reach the top and some struggle for success. We all have a vision, we all have goals. No dream is too big or too small. As said by Ratan Tata, ‘all of us don’t have equal talent. Yet, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talent".I was born in a town of Jaipur. As a normal homo sapien even if have seen many dreams. A blogger by choice and an upcoming lawyer by chance. I want to work for the betterment of the girl child and women empowerment. I want to use my law degree to achieve great success in the field of social justice. I want to become a successful corporate lawyer. Get new reforms in the fields of the corporate world. Everybody lives for themselves I want to live for others. After earning I will invest my time and money in social reforms. I speak up for the upliftment of social issues. I write on social issues. I am an animal lover and a member of PETA. I love reading books and a complete book manic. I love traveling and a foodie. I am not doing something a great many people write on social issues. But I am doing it differently I want people to think on these topics and change their mindset. Without the change in their mindset, no change can be brought in this society. I know my dream is too big to achieve but hopefully my constant efforts with pay someday. BE THE CHANGE TO SEE THE CHANGE.