The Misogynist Outsource

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The Misogynist Outsource


“See rapes will happen, they are guys, they get excited, girls need to have themselves under control why can’t they be in their norms, “said by the society.

When I flip through the newspaper and news channel the rape or sexual exploitation has been the talk of the town. It’s like raping has become a new trend, desperate men all around, looking at woman like a meat they desire. Since India has been developing, we even see some developments in the rape ranking; India holds 85th position in reported rapes and 35th in unreported.

Progressive isn’t it?

According to the reports from Amnesty International the authorities in India have not effectively implemented new laws on crimes against women. In Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India, the problem, instead of abating, has become worse.

In every 15 minutes a woman gets raped in India, think about it and multiply this by 24x7, 365 days a year also lets keep this in mind that most of these cases go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse: Every 2 minutes, a women in India is a victim of a crime. This ongoing issue with violence against women raises the real and serious question of whether India is truly ready for a seat on the global table.

Sexual harassment and rape are two sides of the same coin, which happens to prove the male dominance over the females. The Article 21 of the Indian Constitution provides life and liberty to all the people, be it male or female, equally but the question is do they really get it equally or is it just men which take on the liberty of the women too, because they have been raised like this in the society.

Sex and the hunger for sex have outgrown the mentality and basic humanity in men, first when rape happens, the women are scared to report it then if by mistake they report it then they might have to undergo certain insultive aspect and if they get saved by this then there might be custodial rape.

As a teenager, I was asked to protect my own damn self. I never stood alone if I could help it, and I walked quickly, crossing my arms over my chest, refusing to make eye contact or smile. I cleaved through crowds shoulder-first, and avoided leaving the house after dark except in a private car. At an age when young women elsewhere were experimenting with daring new looks, I wore clothes that were two sizes too large. I still cannot dress attractively without feeling that I am endangering myself. The steady thrum of whistles, catcalls, hisses, sexual innuendos and open threats continued. Packs of men dawdled on the street, and singing Hindi film songs, rich with double entendres, was how they communicated. To make their demands clear, they would thrust their pelvises at female passers-by.

The icing of the cake is the views our society have when it comes to rape, it is said that Rape isn’t the man’s fault; it is the fault of the times. According to them rape was the result of poor choices made by women for example wearing the wrong kind of clothes, eating the wrong kind of food, going to the wrong kind of places. It has been a popular notion in our times that women entrance men into raping them because men will be men, and “The fire is always the girl. The candle is the boy.”

And no ,the reason for rape is not men and women, it is the society that has made itself pregnant with the thoughts like this and given it birth and now takes care of it like its own baby, the women gets oppressed because they have been raised like the weaker sex.

The rape is not out of sexual desires it mostly out of the dominance of the male over the female, it is the picture where the men want to prove themselves superior to women and how the society have given them clear permission to prove them right.

And this picture will never change, till this baby is asked to control its horses. The baby needs to be raised with outmost serenity and has to be changed and thought to deal with respect with both side and not to be a misogynist.






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