The Horror of Midnight

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Walking past the crowd,

Holding her mother’s saree,

She was feeling the safest in the city.


The night grew dark,

The moon glowed loud,

The fear becomes subtle,

The rain became light.


She boarded the bus,

Aghast the fears of irony,

The brooding efforts of mankind,

She boarded the bus.


Clinching tight to her mom’s arm,

Feeling a sense of love,

Feeling a touch of soul

She clenched hard.


The night was walking fast,

Like men off for their job,

She closed her eyes,

Hoping to sleep tight.


And then she felt a hand,

Over her,

It clasped her breast,

She was taken aback.

Even the horror frightened her,

The fear of unknown touched collapsed her soul,


She wanted to scream,

Scream through the silence,

Scream loud for the world to know.


But just like the moon,

The light faded,

And the darkness evaded.


She moved the hand,

And she slept again,

But it happened ‘AGAIN’ !

The touch was powerful,

It went right through the soul.


She cried and begged the night to pass fast,

Before even the sun strikes,

She spoke but he said,

“Your voice is the death threat”

The fear prevailed yet again,

The monster won yet again.


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