Benefit of Doubt

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“The human calculator not only gets 97 marks but also weighs 97 kilos”

This is one of the witty quotes from the book by Mrs Twinkle Khanna. The book is written in narration format where the alter ego of the actress narrates the stories that might have been inspired by her real life. We have seen a lot of Twinkle Khanna in the movie and now we see her as a columnist avatar which is quite interesting.  Mrs Funnybones is the first attempt of her, in book writing. It was a little difficult to categorize the book, I thought of it as a collection of articles or blog or journals. It was definitely not a book. I have read this book in one sitting, it was fairly simple English, easy to for the beginners to read and process. I didn’t do so because it was a hell of a kind book but because it was worth a quick read.

The book is like a dairy that her alter ego has written and it talks about things that are very petty or daily work. The thing that does not make these unimportant work dairy boring is the witty writing of the actress, oops sorry, her alter ego.

There might be many who will buy the book because they will think that it could be a story of the superstar wife and how her life proceeds in daily. But it will be a disappointment for them, the book is an insider look into the quirky, yet completely normal life of Twinkle Khanna – the mother, wife, daughter and entrepreneur.

When you have previously read any work about a writer, you make a perception in your mind about the writer; I had this with the author and her book. She has always been sarcastic and sassy, her every word was filled with a great sense of humour, which reflects in her writing.

The cover say the complete behind the book, it gives the storyline very well, and the title is doing justice to the story. The book still wasn’t able to meet my expectations. The is indeed filled with humor and there are some segments where the fun can be read. There were some jokes which were forced and clichéd. It looked like the book wanted to be something, which he couldn't be.

There were a few chapters which were very unwanted like Karan Johar or about her mother, a few of the instance with her mother didn’t make any sense. They were just there, like lying there, with no one disturbing them.

Even though it looks like the book wont be a good read, its not true. It’s a light-hearted read and quick read. It won't do any harm if you read the book and get a few witty humour of the actress. There was some instance that I loved in the book, like that of men and love. The story where is off to a foreign land.

It is a book for everyone who needs something light to read about, it sure does bring a smile on your face.




Rating- 3.5 outta 5


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