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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard ShawMan, and Superman

How lost we would have been if there was the just food we eat at home. When we begin our journey we always look out for different restaurants where the food is eye-catching. I have always heard that we eat with our eyes before we taste the food. Whatever delights the eyes, charms the heart.

With the heart of the wanderlust that I have, I started my journey from Jaipur to my dadi’s place in Kanpur. I had very rarely gone to Kanpur. But this time I wanted to spend my summer holidays there. I probably wanted to change the thinking that relatives can’t be good! *wink*wink*

So, I began from Jaipur at around 7 A.M. with good weather and lots of chips. When a person sets on a journey then finding a good restaurant is equal to finding water in the desert. After reaching Agra I did my breakfast that McDonald's. Now my journey was halfway done and I was feeling pleased with myself that my breakfast that gone well but I also prayed that my lunch should go well too.

With my hopes high I started my journey while reaching Kanpur highway, I found one restaurant named “Radhe Radhe”, I was intrigued by their front door work. There was a yellow Mercedes surrounded by plants and toy zone. I was so hungry that I went inside in a hurried manner only to find out the menu had such amazing dishes. Okay! To be honest, I was being little judgmental when I saw the restaurant, I had my thoughts that fine, I might have to adjust with aaloo or something. To my shock, I found out there were dishes like mushroom and paneer. First things first, I ordered Jodhpuri kesariya lassi. When I gulped down my first sip, my mind exploded with amazing taste and cherries and pista and kaju and almond, and OMG! I had lost my words I probably wanted many more glasses but I had to save the appetite for mushroom and panner.

Now it was time for the main course, after going through the menu, I ordered Matke wali mixed five daals, mushroom masala and paneer makhani. The matke wali daal was made on chulla , the proper earthen pot and cooked directly through the flames and not kept on the stove. To my excitement, I had never tasted something like this before.

I was eagerly waiting for everything since I had some time I decided to visit the backyard garden of the restaurant Radhey Radhey. I opened the door and step my foot in the garden. My eyes had seen creativenesses of the person, the waste material was used to decorate the garden, the waste tire was used for making different tables and the idea was clearly put up and bamboos were used to make enchanted artwork, the grass was greener than the Hulk, with many different plants and soberly decorated garden.

I heard some quacking around, so my detective mind kicked in and I wanted to find out more about it. I moved forward and saw two beautiful pairs of ducks, playing and splashing water over each other. There were rabbits,8 of them, hopping around. There were a variety of birds and two beautiful dogs. It was very humble of the owner to keep the pets in such good care and habitat. People like these win my heart, what passions will that person who would make his surrounding so natural and beautiful. The beauty of the restaurant was in those animals who can’t speak. The fun people must be getting in watching the delight in the eyes of the owner. By being in that restaurant I realized that serving food should never be the goal of any restaurant but serving happiness should be the aim.

After looking around I was called by mom since the food had arrived. The mushroom and panner looked delicious. I was so eager to eat it that I didn’t realize that it was hot. But sometimes you gotta be fast especially when you have a treat for the stomach. The mushroom masala was profoundly good. It had the taste not eaten anywhere before, the paneer was melting in the mouth. With every bite I took, I got foodgasm. Every masala could be tasted nicely, mixed up well.

It was a beautiful journey that I had and I shall always visit that resort whenever I shall pass that road, or maybe I’ll just travel that far to eat the mushroom masala and meet the cute dogs.

After leaving from there I just realized that how often we meet restaurants like this which mix passion with food and present it to you. The food was a delight to the eyes as well as the stomach.

So, whenever you guys travel through the Kanpur highway, make sure you visit Radhey Radhey and get foodgasm.




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I seriously love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you develop this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I'm hoping to create my very own site and would like to learn where you got this from or what the theme is called. Cheers!

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Hey! yes my father has helped me make this.

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