Delicate hands with powerfull force

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“maat bandho in pankho ko, aaj nhi toh kaal ye udan lengay,

Tod ke har bandhan ko, ye zamane se bair lengya”

Not every hand comes forward  to help others. Not every voice is raised to fight back. Not every heart has a turmoil to start a fight for justice.

We talk about brave men, kings pr warriors but as the saying goes behind every successful men there is a women. We often underestimate the sacrifices and efforts of the women. Today lets salute some brave hearts of India who fought their inner battle , the battle with the society.

Lets etched our hearts with their brave efforts and selfless acts.

Bhanwari devi was a low class potter form a village of rajasthan. A lioness who fought her way through the evil of child marriage. She was raped because she raised her voice, but she fought back and got justice. She helped the victims of rape and brought them forward to fight against their culprits.
Barkha Dutt is a phenomenal face of liberated Indian media. Her heroism came to light when she covered the kargil war of 1999 being there with the soldiers getting their day to day updates about their well being.
Arundhat Roy dares to be different. Even after the bunch of enemies she has made. A novelist and activist and Booker prize winner works for the betterment of society.
Mukti Datta a social worker who has done wonders for the environment. She embarked on the journey that changed on the journey that changed the face of women in kumaon.
Shanti Tigga is a mother of two and she is the first woman combat solider in the Indian army.
These are the true gifts we have in our rich country. The untold saga of the brave hearts fighting the way through the myth binding society.

Lets inspire and take oath to work against all odd for leaving a better future for our kids.


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