Drenched higher education

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Drenched higher education



“The best math lesson we can teach college students this year is to subtract a tuition increase and benefit from the dividends of higher education.”- Jodi Rell

The education is the key to make the India’s demographic dividend reach heights. The structure of the higher education in India is rigid but with great possibility. The higher education system in India has been the 3rd largest in the world which is next to the United States and China. The higher education in India needs radical reforms. The focus needs to shift to higher standards of transparency. The students have shown liner path in IT sector and engineering education in India which does not give them chance to explore and discover their passions.

Higher education in India refers to the education in colleges and universities. India has more than 600 universities and over 300 colleges with more than 20 million students.  The situation now is very complex and a big challenge for the government. When the population in the country was less, the higher education was easily accessible to all and everyone. There has been a sudden surge with the upward moving population.

Many state universities are in dreadful condition; this gap has been filled by many private universities. It is important to ensure that these universities have adequate faculty, research facilities, relevant curriculum and adequate infrastructure among others.  We see that there is an immediate need for the proper transformation in the whole system of higher education in India.

The challenge which we had to overcome is to increase the present enrolment rate of 20 percent. No one refutes the utility of experimentations but it should not be forgotten that imparting knowledge is equally important. The given conditions in India shows unequal opportunity have developed unequal human capabilities and converted education into an instrument to further economics inequalities.

The quality is also the problem with Indian higher education system. Apart from this the Indian education needs to come up with access to global universities to set up campuses in India. The alternative is to allow the foreign universities to enter in India and have collaborations with Indian institutions on a large scale.

The improvement and development in higher education means that India will develop as a whole when these key points are kept in mind. The need for this is to make the future generations capable enough to compete with global outlook.





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