Is caste the basis for everything?

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Is caste the basis for everything?

The caste system in India seems unfair and uncalled for – why divide people based on profession or birth? But was it always so? And is abolishing the caste system the answer to solving the problems associated with it today?

Over a period of time, human societies have tried to make every difference into discrimination. Differences are fine. The world is bound to be different and it is nice that it is different, but we try to make every difference into discrimination, whether it is race, religion or gender. So when we lost our senses and started making everything discriminatory, the Indian caste system became an ugly system. What was once a very relevant way to develop skills in a society has unfortunately became discriminatory and negative, not productive. When there were no IITs or ITIs, when there were no training centers, your family was the only way to train, isn’t it? So it was very important to maintain a blacksmith culture, a goldsmith culture or a cobbler culture; otherwise there would be no skills.

We see many cases every now and then relating to the discrimination happening in the day today world. A recent case that happened in Gujarat. When some cows were killed. Some goons of that city decided to play ‘my liege’ and beat them in the middle of the road. Who decides that we are the one who can get up and beat the person we feel is doing wrong in the society? The visicousness with which they beat the dalits is unbearbale, we are no one to judge anyone or to give our opinion. we have no right to beat anyone in the middle of the street just because they belong to some other caste and their act has offened the uncanny morals of higher caste.

So basically our caste is beyond our morals particular belief. We want to save cows because cow is the mothers for the Brahmins but tell me, a lady is considered a Goddess but still we tend to rape her or torment her? So that’s okay right? So basically do the act of being knight to show our superiority over other. The concept of ‘gau rakhsha’ has become the political issue in our beloved country. In our country nothing can be seen without putting the political aspect in the picture. It’s not worth it, if it’s not political! It saddens the very existence of man that we make discrimination between our own blood and then say we are different.

India's mistreatment of those it calls "Scheduled" castes and tribes (a term created by the illiberal Indian constitution which gave recognition to religious/social categories) is well known across the world.

Not so well known is that such discrimination is perhaps on the increase – mainly because it has been so strongly institutionalized through affirmative action. We don’t choose our religion or the place we are born in. why does it become such a big issue to any savior of mankind. Nevertheless, eliminating the caste system is not a matter for a government to get involved in – it is a matter purely for social and religious reformers.

Similar discrimination or stereotyping has occurred in the past in every part of the world. Ending these things needs a different approach. Even as George Washington was taking on the role of American presidency after the 1776 Declaration of Independence, he owned hundreds of slaves. Thomas Jefferson, the man to whom we owe the sentiments of the Declaration, also owned over 180 slaves; even as late as in 1824. Similarly, providing equality and adult franchise to women took a very long time coming in the USA. In other words, there has been massive discrimination in the past even in today’s relatively free societies.

The lesson here is that while a government can set minimum standards and punish people if they violate these standards, the task of preparing a society to accept these standards requires social reformers to spend decades, if not generations, in preaching the message of reform. Yes, governments can set in place non-discretionary outcome standards, and they should.

We will be pleasantly surprised by participating in such associations that social causes are impacted quickly, economically and very effectively. In addition, those of us who belong to a so-called ‘high caste’ should not forget to clarify to our children that we will be equally happy if they marry a person from a social category considered by un-enlightened Indians to be ‘lower’ than ours –as long as the person they choose is of good character. We can also use non-caste titles in our names. Finally, we can place the entire offending religion on notice and publicly declare that we will abandon it if it refuses to reform.

The change begins from us and more over with in us.




Comment by Payal Trivedi

Finally a bold voice speaks up. Loved your staunch ideals. Good luck!!!

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Reply by Shreya

Thank you so much Payal. I shall play well.

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