Nanga khada bazar mai…

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“Nanga khada bazar mai, apni kismat pr roye, ek haath se sapne beche, dusre se khare manaye!”

How often do we feel that someone writes a line like this which has been in deliverance with the thought of emptiness? With the current situation in our country, I can think nothing but this. Our country has become a place where the caste plays the more important role than the education.

Let’s ask our heart what thoughts come to our mind when we hear the word ‘Reservation’. For many of the general category students, we can see a big frowning face which is filled with agony and anger and a little bit of hatred towards the system and for those who benefit from it, just a smile would do to reflect their state of mind.

When our Constitution was in the making, which was 67 years ago, the makers had decided to create a nation which fosters the ideals of social justice and equality. It was observed then that a few groups such as the tribes and some specific class groups had been lagging far behind in the prosperity ladder. It was then decided that constitutional safeguards would be provided to these groups (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) to ensure they catch up with the rest of the country. Therefore, reservations in educational institutions, government jobs, and electoral representation were granted to these groups. Reservations in electoral representation were for a temporary period.

The reservation policy has been sustained for a very long time in the Indian history ever since the pre-independence era and it was introduced in 1990 after going through the recommendations of the Mandal Commission. The reason these policies were implemented in the country was to bring the backward castes get equal opportunities for growth and development.

We must note here how the Constitution makers have specifically mentioned the word “temporary”, as those visionaries knew of the problems that could arise if we neglected merit for a long period in the name of equality.

It is an irony that as a nation in the macro sense we want to move forward and develop rapidly, yet individual groups in a micro sense want to move in the opposite direction and climb down the ladder. This paradox is bound to cause friction to development. We as a country had never been able to keep equal treatment to the people of our country. The basis for bringing in such a policy was to ensure that the perceived backward castes get equal opportunities for growth and development.

There is also a need to overhaul the existing education system, particularly in government schools, where the majority of classes belonging to reservation category are taught. If the quality of education improves then there is no doubt that in future they (the reserved classes) will not require any sort of a reservation quota because then they’ll be able to compete with rest of the classes on the same page.

The change cannot be made possible until we have made it happen through our constant efforts and will to change the nation and its policy. We need to see how important it has become to change the mindset of the people.




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