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“We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.”-Will Rogers

We have been listening to the word equality from a very long time but are we working on it? This question has been laid out by many people and we all know the answer to it. We talk every day regarding reservation for women or for LGBTQ and still see so many headlines on the harassment towards women and the LGBTQ community.

If we ever try to raise a question towards anyone else, we are asked why we care. Because we all fail to realize that we are living in the society as one and that’s the main reason why we all must look out for each other in the coven that’s how you protect your own coven.

If we talk about feminism then we are shunned with the names like male bashing community. Feminism is actually a belief were women and men are equal and deserve equal rights. If you have the same view as I wrote above then it does make you a feminist. To quote Aziz Ansari: “that’s how words work.”  Feminism isn’t just women who burn their bras, or who yell at men who wolf whistle or people who tell rape jokes.  

 Feminism means supporting rape victims of any gender. It means that same-sex couples deserve the ability to get married.  It means that transgender individuals deserve the acceptance and the accommodations they need.  Believing in these things means you have an understanding of what humanity is and you are, therefore, a feminist.

Gender equality can only be achieved if men and woman enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sector of the society. The idea of human rights means that every person should have equal rights and the same dignity to live within society. Anything that wants to violate those principles then it paves the way for discrimination. The human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI) are coming into sharper focus around the world, with important advances in many countries in recent years, including the adoption of new legal protections. The preamble to the Indian Constitution mandates justice -- social, economic, and political equality of status -- for allThe right of equality before the law and equal protection under the law is guaranteed in Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution.

India is a vast and diverse country and attitudes towards this subject and experiences of LGBTI individuals vary vastly. We need equality for them too, they are also the part of our coven where understanding the needs and demands of every individual is very important.

Equity is relational. Inequities are rooted in uneven dynamics that give disproportionate power to one group versus another. Irrespective of the amount we invest in women, men also need to be willing participants in the redistribution of power between genders. The power should not be given to any particular gender. The power is not what the gender holds the power is what the person has within. The power to transform itself, the power to achieve the goals they have always looked up to. The power to be, what they want to be in their life.





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It's good , just want to add a perspective Aryan culture respects women Women had been taught 64 skills in gurukul But women were advised to work from home so that they don't come in contact with other men Similarly for men , to speak to a women except his wife alone was criticised by the people in ancient India Me2 , rapes can be prevented like this There are accounts in history where women would run business from home Since women only can give birth and till 18 years it's important to be with the child for its overall development .

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