The JNU Controversy

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The JNU Controversy

India has to be transformed into a developed nation, a prosperous nation and a healthy nation, with a value system.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“bharat ki barbadi taak jung jari rahegi’’ These are words used by the student of the very prestigious Jawarlal Nehru University. The incident in the JNU campus has left the India stunned by their statement on Afzal guru.

India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has always had an intellectually superior halo around it. The 1000 acre campus has been called the ‘Kremlin on the Jamuna’ for its strong leftist leanings, a Utopian dream for its unique culture of democracy and dissent and an intellectual fortress for its almost four decades of academic supremacy.

The central government and many people are calling the students terrorists, jihadis, pro-pakistani and naxals and so on with whatever names they could call them with ,on the other side we have the teachers, students and artist who are protesting against the university crackdown. To speak in the social media lingo, the former group, the blind supporters of the government and its decisions, are referred to as 'bhakts' and are lately accused of being custodians and self-proclaimed role-models of patriotism, and the latter group are referred to as the 'sickulars' or the 'loony-liberals', who have taken up on themselves the 'struggle' to keep democracy and secularism alive in the nation.  

A meeting called by ex-members of Democratic Students Union (DSU) to protest the hanging of 2001 Parliament terror attack mastermind Afzal Guru, led to the arrest of students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar on sedition charges and now has become a movement of sorts, with over 5,000 students protesting at the JNU campus and HM Rajnath Singh accusing the Afzal Guru event had the backing of LeT chief Hafiz Saeed.

The reason for this action was that the student who called themselves liberal wanted to speak on the issues of Kashmir and he wanted people to hear about the issues of kashmiri pandit from the kashmiri’s itself and this meeting had to see a lot of kashmiri student.

They were upset and oppressed about the self determination right of the kashmiri’s and how know one was paying attention to the problems of their state which led to the pretest which were to make silent and simple. But the excitement got them in a different venture and the leader got arrested with the charges of sedition.

The explanation and reason given by the teachers are that everyone has a right to speak out their mind. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression within reasonable limits. But who decides the limits? Who decides what the person should speak or not? They have called themselves free thinkers and liberal thinkers. but who gave them a right to speak on something that is unworthy for the respect gor your motherland. 

I agree to the fact that we all have freedom of speech and liberty to speak our heart out but with this right with even have some responsibility towards our own motherland.  Just because a child is upset with some behavior of their mother, it doesn’t give them a right to go and slap their mother or speak with them in foul language.  

Just we got get the freedom that doesn’t mean we would take undue advantage of it. We need to know our limits when we speak something. We have to respect this land because land is giving us food to eat, shelter to live and water to drink. They need to respect it too because it is because of this country they are able to learn so much. They are learning in one of the most prestigious collage of the country and still they want to say “ bharat ki barbadi tak jung jari rahegi”.

It is okay if they don’t respect the politicians or a particular party, but they should respect those martyrs who gave their life to let people like them sleep peacefully. If it weren’t for them, these people will not be able to shout like this in the JNU campus. And the teachers who are supporting them are no less. The teacher is the person who builds the future of the nation. The expression of feelings is not a bad thing but we need to know how to put word when we speak of our feelings. we saw politicians like Rahul gandhi supporting this movement. does we really need such kind off negative engery in our country? do we really need these people who want to divide the motherland?

By all means let us pledge not to tolerate insults to Mother India. But let that effort not be selective. Let it not be confined simply to throwing one’s weight around in academia.




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Excellent thoughts by Shreya , I agree with Shreya

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Agree with Shreya

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