The Madman

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The Madman


कबीरा खड़ा बाज़ार में, मांगे सबकी खैर,
ना काहू से दोस्ती,न काहू से बैर. – Kabirdas doha

He preached the world about love in times when the hatred prevailed. Born in a Hindu Brahmin family, he was raised by a Muslim weaver; post the death of his Hindu mother. His life had always been shrouded by mysteries and different legends given by many different people. Kabir was literate. His work has been manipulated by religious groups with their agendas. Even after this, Kabir has exerted a strong hold on religious and literary imaginations in both India and West.

Saint Kabir had remarkable inclination towards religion. He started probing in the mysteries that surrounded life and death especially about God. After many research and manifestation he concluded that there is no God. He was deeply attracted towards religion. Kabir found his Guru in Ramananda, who was a famous Hindu saint. Kabir had been critical of both hindu as well as muslim religious views. He believed that both the greatest religion of that time was guided by Vedas and Qurans; he even questioned their meaningless rites.


Have you ever thought how hard it is for a person to go against any religious views in the era where religion was everything for the population? Kabir did that, he was influenced by the belief that True God is with the person who is on the path of righteousness, considered all creatures on earth as his own self, and who is passively detached from the affairs of the world.  Earlier they quarreled with him, later they quarreled for his body only to find out that there was no corpse behind but just flowers. Hindus collected some flowers and cremated them at Varanasi while the Muslims took the remaining flowers for burial at Maghar in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh.


हिन्दू कहें मोहि राम पियारा, तुर्क कहें रहमाना,
आपस में दोउ लड़ी-लड़ी  मुए, मरम न कोउ जाना।

 How badly have we been fighting over religion claiming whose religion wins over whose but do we look within ourselves? Kabir died preaching the principles of love and botherhood and what we did ,engraved his teachings in books and videos and nothing much to it. We are so engrossed and captivated in our own meanness that we are nothing but mere human who are born for themselves and die for themselves. 

In every poetry or doha of saint kabirdas, he said as though how religion guides as all with the hollow beliefs and uncanny rites and how we blindly follow it and fight within ourselves. From the day he died and till now we have continued doing the same thing learning nothing from the madman. Since the day he was born till the day he died he preached love and dignity and unity and we kept it all aside killing each other in spite sharing the same blood color.

The thing at divided us is not religion but our mindset, which feels we need to win. We all have become donkeys in a race, we are left with no compassion for each other. We only want to compete with one another, and prove one another wrong and if that is not possible that pull the upper one down even that means doing it without any morals. The situation which was there 1000 years back is still there, prevailing in our society and eating us one by one.

Can we now learn?

Can we now actually engross in the teachings of kabirdas?

Can we now actually believe that love conquers all?

Can we now find kabir within ourselves?

He was a madman then, he is a madman now and he shall remain a madman forever, he was mad because he believed that guru is greater than God, he was mad because he believed that bhakti is nothing but our own conscience, he was mad because believed in equality.

Lets embrace his madness, lets be the one he dreamt of.

माला फेरत जुग भया, फिरा न मन का फेर,
कर का मनका डार दे, मन का मनका फेर।




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