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“Kaha bhage chala ja raha hai tu? Manzil toh teri piche reh gayi, kyu itti jaldi mai hai tu, hasti toh teri jalti reh gyi, udan toh tuhje khudke sapno ke deni thi, ye kiska bhoj liye daud raha hai tu, kaha bhage chala ja raha hai tu? “

“I will always do what I want to do and I won't go with the crowd.”- Georgia Salpa

Last night I was sitting in my balcony looking at the sky painted in different colors. It needed to be was thought-provoking, it provoked me to watch Netflix, but this was the tragic part, it was when I saw ‘Tamasha’ movie in the suggestion and I indeed went for it.

The whole movie was based on how we all pretend to be something we are not because we asked to pretend that way. I felt it when Piyush Mishra says ‘Darrta hai? Darr lag raha hai?! Apni kahani mujh se pooch raha hai! Kayaar! Kisse darta hai? Hai Kaun yaha? Tu bata kya hota hai aage... Kya hai Teri kahani... Kya hai tere dil ke andar... Bata kya hai tu?!’

Have we ever thought we true the movie was, and only for those people who pretend? They pretend to be happy with what they have got and not what they have achieved. What really is freedom anyway? I’m talking about freedom in a very broad sense. Doing work for someone else, having a job or loving someone has nothing to do with freedom. Freedom is NOT doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of breaking free, if and when needed. Freedom is the confidence of not being chained in an unhappy state.

The pursuit of freedom is to continuously ensure that one is not relenting control of life to any person or any sort of circumstances. You always do what you want to do. This is true with every act. You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself.

But it takes us a lot of time to convince people around us regarding our decisions and choices but we still intend to because we love them so much. We want them to guide us and support us not to degrade us in what we choose to do. The difficulty comes when we have to convince our parents regarding our decisions or the choices we make. They’re your parents; they’re bound to have an opinion on the choices you make about your life path. And they can be pretty wise. You never know what perspective they might toss your way. The objective in any relationship “is to achieve understanding.” Listening to what your parents have to say about your choices will give you a more rounded view of the situation and make them feel appreciated in the process.

 But there are lots of aspects that we have to remember when we make choices, the sacrifices that we have to give because of the decision we will be taking. But we know this is what we want we gotta choose it, strive hard for it and work towards it.

The goal is never to prove someone else, the goal is to prove yourself and be happy. Being happy will always remain the best aspect of the decision taken by you.

One ensures freedom by taking decisions that ensure if at any moment in future one decides to do whatever the hell one wants to do, one is able to do that without being dishonest and without failing at any past commitments. So, commitment becomes an expensive currency that should be thoughtfully used, if at all.

What freedom ensures is that you, and only you get to decide about your happiness. It detaches you from external, could-have-been-controlled factors that cause the most amount of regret. Freedom ensures you a regretless life, which gives the confidence to be happy even in the worst of circumstances. Freedom lets you become an individual capable of conquering the world, all by himself.

Never be afraid to stand up for what you want, because it will always be your life. Your choices, even if you fail you will be satisfied that you did this, for your own happiness. This definitely doesn’t mean that you go and murder someone because you were feeling happy about it.

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