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He gets me the ocean of love,

Even if he is doesn’t say anything

He understands the silence.

I see him standing with me

Whilst the sadness surrounds me,

He made me learn how to walk

Holding my tiny fingers


He taught me life lessons

With the outmost tenderness


My despondency was more of his

Then mine

Even if he was far away

I could feel his love,

My snivel become,

The tears of his eyes


In the time of Irresoluteness,

He kept his trust on me

I have made his trust,

 Credence of my soul


There is nothing more beautiful

Then the love of father

Who keeps his hand like boulder?

Forever on our shoulder.





Comment by Akhil Premji


She is SHIVA , She is my love, She is my Inspiration

My daughter is light of my soul,

But, she is little naughty, bubbly and playful

She is my power, when I come in deep sorrow

I showered my anger many times, 

She always accepted it as “LOVE of Father”

My Darling BETA, You are my ray of hope

Hope, Thought and success
my faith is held strong on you

Write your story with your pen, 

Give fresh n fresh air to the world of black thinking people


I have no more words to write anything, i know you have the power to read the untold words of my soul. so read my open book.


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Reply by Shreya

thank you so much papa for your kind words.

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Comment by Jill

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Comment by Lashunda

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