Redefining the aspects of life-The Modern Day Hindu

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“Wevolution is when the knot is untied, and the balloon goes where it wants to go!”

Faith is the only thing that can bind people in the bond that cannot be broken by any Lord itself. I read a lot of books and judge them definitely not by its cover. Every book tells a tale that is known to the people that are reading it.

I was fortunate enough to come across Nikhil Chandwani, a good friend of mine, and a wonderful writer who has been establishing his name since ages. The writer will always know what his reader wants; he bends his stories in a way that it would be loved by all his readers.

A book lover and blogger, I had got the chance to read his book before it was getting down in the market.  He has always astonished me with his writings, I am nothing but obliged with the fact that I read the book beforehand.

The book is named ‘The Modern Day Hindu’, well the writer draws this name from his own life and experience of living every day like a Hindu. I don’t want people to get confused with the name that it is any other religious book that will hover over there brain. This book doesn’t have religion, or any conflict relating to it. The book revolves around a self-story of the narrator, who is a Hindu and how he sees life differently. It is the work of non-fiction, picking up real-life events from his life and finding a deeper meaning to it.

When we begin to read the book, we need to erase everything we have known about the cosmic effect or any other intellect for that matter. We need to sit with an open mind and get through the pages slowly and with full concentration. The book revolves around the laws of cosmos or any other religion or our day today laws that we walk and make while just chatting. In the book, the laws are broken down in the words of the writer and made it in layman language to be understood by the people.

I love the way the concept flourishes slowly taking a stroll in a different aspect of our lives and how the writer revolves around the laws of Hinduism. The book simplifies the law that we see in our day to day life and how we should embrace it in our life. Not everyone has the guts to go about the laws that are followed by millions of people around the globe.

The book embraces your inner beast and asks you to overcome your flaws after gradually removing it from your life. The book tells us to understand the wider scope of life through the Hindu way of living. I like the use to different words and dark light polarity reference and pictures that depict the way of reading.

After reading the book, I would recommend the book to everyone to loves to read about depth of life, anyone who is confused with life and for everyone who just loves to read books.

I am very much assured that this book won’t disappoint you at any given point and you will sit awestruck and wanting for more once the book is over.





Comment by Nikhil Chandwani

Thank you so much for your kind words, Shreya. I am glad you enjoyed the read. 

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