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Well! It’s all about desires

written by Shreya at in category Book review with 2 Comments

It is not always that you fall in love with the book just by reading it, but this book has to be one of those. I could never feel so content with the way it was all written.  The ‘Serenity’ with which the story gets to its end has to be something where all the readers would applaud. The story basically revolves around a girl who has a gift of controlling her dreams, she can mend her dreams and make them more intense if she likes or interpret the w ...

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The soul shall speak for itself!

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“Human skin is the first line of defence, against the dangers of the outside world,

Shielding us from disease-causing agents and the injuries that can occur through daily living.

Also thanks to our skin our messy interior—

Our emotions—can remain safely hidden from view.”

Ever wondered where the soul travels after it has left the earth. When the body is burnt and submerged in the mud again, the soul wanders and travels in the inf ...

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Merry go around!

written by Shreya at in category Book review with 2 Comments

“Beyond the veils on poverty, pollution, and corruption, I can see the raw, real and naked Mumbai.”

When the story begins the author gives the tint of how he has known Mumbai to be and how it has turned out. He is not disappointed, then he sees her, the girl he falls for, her beauty. The writer very carefully gives every detail without revealing too much. The protagonist in the story is a detective and he chooses this profession because of his father. Eventfully the girl ...

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The economic trail

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E.P. Anthony, an economist, trader and wealth manager focuses on the political economy of inequality and the decline of centre-left parties in the developed world in this manifesto. His analysis will especially appeal to readers in the Anglo-Saxon economies of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where inequality has increased most rapidly.

The manifesto summarizes recent literature on inequality in an accessible way, including the best-selling b ...

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Benefit of Doubt

written by Shreya at in category Book review with 37 Comments

“The human calculator not only gets 97 marks but also weighs 97 kilos”

This is one of the witty quotes from the book by Mrs Twinkle Khanna. The book is written in narration format where the alter ego of the actress narrates the stories that might have been inspired by her real life. We have seen a lot of Twinkle Khanna in the movie and now we see her as a columnist avatar which is quite interesting.  Mrs Funnybones is the first attempt of her, in boo ...

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