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Delicate hands with powerfull force

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“maat bandho in pankho ko, aaj nhi toh kaal ye udan lengay,

Tod ke har bandhan ko, ye zamane se bair lengya”

Not every hand comes forward  to help others. Not every voice is raised to fight back. Not every heart has a turmoil to start a fight for justice.

We talk about brave men, kings pr warriors but as the saying goes behind every successful men there is a women. We often underestimate the sacrifices and efforts of the women. Today lets salute ...

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subsidies 5-star meal

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth-Abraham Lincoln

Government was made to take care of the people and not to rule the people. The worse part about our country is that the poor is getting poorer the rich is getting richer. The politicians of our country have become the money eating beast. The poor farmers are dying due to the neg ...

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