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Raping a new trend?

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A 72 year old nun is raped by 3 men.

I had always thought the country was about God and his Godliness,but now even God’s child gets raped. Raping as reached to a new trend. It has led to no age bar concept. Be it a teenager or old woman or of any religion. What else do we have to see now? why such brutality in man? What is the an ...

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subsidies 5-star meal

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth-Abraham Lincoln

Government was made to take care of the people and not to rule the people. The worse part about our country is that the poor is getting poorer the rich is getting richer. The politicians of our country have become the money eating beast. The poor farmers are dying due to the neg ...

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