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The art

written by Shreya at in category Myownpoems with 175 Comments

She was a princess from a far land,

She did not need a tiara to prove herself

She was artistic in her own way,

When the crowd surrounded her

One can stare at her like an art,

She was a hurricane of charm and chaos entwined

She did not wait for her prince,

She was in no hurry to find her Knight in shining armor,

She wanted to become one herself.

Because she wasn't looking for a Knight

She wa ...

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The Horror of Midnight

written by Shreya at in category Myownpoems with 28 Comments

Walking past the crowd,

Holding her mother’s saree,

She was feeling the safest in the city.


The night grew dark,

The moon glowed loud,

The fear becomes subtle,

The rain became light.


She boarded the bus,

Aghast the fears of irony,

The brooding efforts of mankind,

She boarded the bus.


Clinching tight to her mom’s arm,


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