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Raping a new trend?

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A 72 year old nun is raped by 3 men.

I had always thought the country was about God and his Godliness,but now even God’s child gets raped. Raping as reached to a new trend. It has led to no age bar concept. Be it a teenager or old woman or of any religion. What else do we have to see now? why such brutality in man? What is the an ...

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the flock of thoughts

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The flock of thoughts

Kesi duniya main jeete hai hum, jahan khushboo hai nafrat ki,

Insaniyat toh maar gayi hai, baas bach gaya hai chand log,

Jo insane toh hai, lekin khokhle zazbat ke.

One needs to taste the soil before he touches the sky. But do we all really do what’s ethical in the process of touching the sky? Do we really believe ...

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Love has no boundary

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Love has no boundary

Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you-Loretta Young

Eyes are enough to let people fall in love with them. Love is a feeling and it’s an emotions. We don’t have control over it. It can happen to anyone anytime and anywhere. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The sad part ab ...

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