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Delicate hands with powerfull force

written by Shreya at in category Social with 18 Comments

“maat bandho in pankho ko, aaj nhi toh kaal ye udan lengay,

Tod ke har bandhan ko, ye zamane se bair lengya”

Not every hand comes forward  to help others. Not every voice is raised to fight back. Not every heart has a turmoil to start a fight for justice.

We talk about brave men, kings pr warriors but as the saying goes behind every successful men there is a women. We often underestimate the sacrifices and efforts of the women. Today lets salute ...

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Evil vice with modern cover

written by Shreya at in category Social with 40 Comments

“Call a jack a jack. Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady” by Patrick Rothfuss, The name of the wind.

Brave is the man who loves the woman for her heart and not her body. We have so many un discussed evils in society. Prostitution being one of them is an ancient theory of selling the sexual services for money. The services of rendering sexual activities have seen its step coming from the ancient times. We had our very own nagar vadhu amarpali form vaishal ...

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Serenity of violence

written by Shreya at in category Social with 4 Comments

                                                                                                        Serenity of violence

Yatra Na ...

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the evergreen myth

written by Shreya at in category Social with 24 Comments

The evergreen myth


To great chagrin of the regressive population of India, live-in relationships are reaching heights of popularity. It provides the youth an opportunity to know their partner without engaging into a legally binding relationship with them. These easy-in easy-out relationships exclude the abhorrent mess of family drama and lengthy court procedures in case the couple decide ...

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The art

written by Shreya at in category Myownpoems with 175 Comments

She was a princess from a far land,

She did not need a tiara to prove herself

She was artistic in her own way,

When the crowd surrounded her

One can stare at her like an art,

She was a hurricane of charm and chaos entwined

She did not wait for her prince,

She was in no hurry to find her Knight in shining armor,

She wanted to become one herself.

Because she wasn't looking for a Knight

She wa ...

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