The “GOONS” Affair

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The “GOONS” Affair

Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.

-Samuel Johnson

It’s been a long time I was away from the laptop and lots of distorted things were happening around. Rape and murder have been the core problem of our society. A recent murder that has caught the eyes of the whole nation is the murder of ‘Aditya sachdev’ . Aditya sachdev was brutally murdered by the son of Bihar's ruling JD(U) MLC Manorma Devi. Class XII student Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead on May 7th night after his Swift car reportedly overtook Rocky's high-end Range Rover in Gaya Police Lines area. Rocky's father Bindi Yadav, who was arrested the next day on the charge of harboring the accused, as well as mother Manorama Devi had earlier feigned ignorance about the whereabouts of their 23-year-old son. It wasn’t a big shock that the gunda raaj have led to this extent. The region of Bihar has become very prone to issues like gunda raaj.

The ‘netajs’ over there think that they are the creator of the justice and everything they have done is right. The very decision they take comes under the limits of judgment because they have taken the judgment and it cannot be wrong.

Rocky Singh kills the 19th year old without any fear or shame and still refrains from getting arrested. The FIR wasn’t filed in the 1st go. The parents had to plead for filing the FIR. The arrest wasn’t taking place. The reason why Rocky Singh killed Aditya was only over taking. So basically if anyone over takes and we are furious then we should kill them. The next time I leave my house I shall remember to take the pistol rather than my license. Rocky Singh got the license for the pistol without any much trouble.

The think the system of kings and princes still avails in this country; they are no less than a prince and kings. The problem is not them getting caught the problem is that they are not having any fear in them while they commit any such crime. They are fearless in doing the crime. Because they know they will get saved in the end. If this news hadn’t got any media attention then obviously Rocky Singh would have been free.

The problem in not in our judicial system, it’s in our mind, the mindset. There is nothing wrong with the laws, (trust me I am a lawyer) the problem is within us. Just because people created the laws that doesn’t mean we have a right to violate them. We need the spirit of nationalism in us to brew us in a manner that we don’t hurt anyone or any being for our own benefits and profits.  The time people will stop thinking them as the kings things will be better in UP and Bihar. The more we fear from them, the more they will try to rule upon us. It’s quite shocking to see that there is no humanitarian behavior among people. They murder people fiercely out of there ego prospective. Till when are we gonna endure all this? Why the gvernemnt doesn’t take any stand? Why such hypocrisy? If it would have been the child of a ‘Neta’ th4e murdered would be in jail by now, maybe even killed by that neta. These politicians tend to forget that, we the people elect them and we are the ones that make them. Forget them, we tend to forget they we are the powers, if we believe that we can take a stand against them, then yes we all can definitely fight against them.




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